Parameter Description

Effective landholding of the family (together with land cultivated as registered Barga holder) No land Irrigated land <1 acre or non-irrigated land <2 acres Irrigated land 1<>2 acre or non-irrigated land 2<>4 acres Irrigated land 2<>4 acres or non-irrigated land 3<>6 acres Irrigated land >3 acres or non-irrigated land >6 acres
Nature of Dwel-ling house Houseless Hut with only 1 room Hut with >= 2 rooms Partially pucca house Pucca house
Number of garments per member No. of garments <2 2<>4, but no winter garment 2<>4, with winter garments >4, with winter garments, but <6 >6
Food security Can manage< 1 square meal a day during the major part of a year Can manage 1 square meal a day during the major part of a year Can generally manage2 square meals a day but sometimes fails Can manage at least 2 square meals during all seasons No shotage of food security
Ownership of consumer items - Cycle, Radio, TV, Electric Fan, Pressure Cooker No ownership Owns at least 1 Owns at least 2 Owns at least 3 Owns all or any of the following items - computer, computer, refrigerator, colour television, electrical cooking utensil, costly furnitures, Light motor vehicle or commercial vehicle, tractor, two or three wheeled mechanized vehicle, power tiller, grinding machine, cooking gas connection
Educational status (of the most educated member of the family Illeterate Primary, <= class V Class V<>X Upto graduate evel/ professional diploma Masters' degree/professional degree
Earning capability status All members are infirm/old/children, no regular earner Women & child labourers Only adult male & women labourers, no child labour Only adult male labourers Others
Means of livelihood Daily/agricultural/other physical labour Agriculture and provides own labour at field Self employed rural artisan/hawker, those who do not employ others Labour oriented regular job in the unorganized sector Others viz., job in the organized sector, medical practitioner, advocate, own business, production agency
Educational status of children of 9-14 years Never goes to school School dropout and work outside with others School dropout and work at home School dropout and not employed No school dropout
Type of loan Loans from familiar persons for everyday needs Loans from familiar persons for production needs Loans from an agency for some particular purpose Loans from a recognized agency for No loan
Reason for going out of the village for employment of the principal earner of the family Temporary employment Seasonal employ-ment Any other means of livelihood Reasons other than income Does not have to go out to earn
Special kind of disability Permanently disabled and without any social or Government assistance Aged without assistance Women head of the family Expenses more than family income due to treatment of one of the family members from an incurable disease None of the above

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